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Maritime Volunteer Service - We Change Lives

Join our unit to be part of a national charity, structured in a way that enables us to support the community, train our members and ultimately, change lives.

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The Maritime Volunteer Service (MVS) helps to train its members and members of the community in the arts of the sea; including Seamanship, Navigation, Engineering and Communication whilst also working within the community. ​


The Humber Unit was borne out of the first beginnings of the Maritime Volunteer Service

at Thorne.


Thorne Unit developed in 1994 after the local RNXS was disbanded. It continued with a diminishing membership until early 2007, when the charity 'Streetwise Trust' asked if the Unit would be willing to undertake management of their chartered fleet tender Hambledon with the aim of bringing the vessel into MCA Coding.


The Thorne Unit was subsequently closed down and transferred to Hambledon berthed at Grimsby Royal Docks. The previous Grimsby Unit had been disbanded, therefore the Thorne membership restarted the Grimsby Unit.


The membership increased dramatically to15 through having the opportunity to both work and sail on a fleet tender. The vessel was used to service the Bull Sand Fort situated in the Humber estuary on behalf of the 'Streetwise Trust'. In early 2010 the charterer and owner of Hambledon were considering relocating the vessel. As a consequence the agreement between the 'Streetwise Trust' and Grimsby Unit came to an end.


At the March 2010 Grimsby Unit AGM it was decided to close and rename the Grimsby Unit as Humber, to refelect the greater area of influence whilst relocating to the SCC TS Ariadne in Scunthorpe.


Following further changes the Unit now resides at SCC TS Explorer with a return to Thorne.

Vessel we operate is listed below

 Tom H - Avon SeaRider 4.0m RIB / 50hp Engine

Jane 1 - Avon Dinghy with electric outboard


We are currently a growing unit becoming more and more active both with training and events.  We are building on our skill base alongside other units, getting involved in large events such as Blyth Tall Ships Regatta, and working within our local community.





MVS is primarily a training organisation.  Our members share their skills and learn from each other during the course of a training pathway.

Fundraising & Events


As a charity we are constantly fundraising and one of the best ways to do so is to attend events.  This year, our members are attending events both locally and nationally with other nearby units

Community Support


Currently as a unit, we are supporting the local restoration of a 1910 coal barge called the Pioneer at Keadby Canal lock. Our members are offering their time and skills to support the work being done.

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TS Explorer

Thorne Sea Cadets

Union Road


South Yorkshire





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